Same boy you’ve always known

Same boy you’ve always known

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Enzemo turned 4 today!

Enzemo turned 4 today!

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Got another rough cover recorded. This time it’s the Pokémon centre from Pokémon Red/Blue. 

I’m going to record Goldenrod City too but I keep screwing up the chord changes when I record :)

Every train home has been cancelled.. Just in time for Christmas..


it’s 4:20 you know what that means.  time for the sun to go down. I hate winter

Can’t tell if joking, or seriously ignorant

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Full gif.

My 2010 Reading wrist band finally broke; I feel naked.


Life vs Facebook


Life vs Facebook

I recorded a brief cover of Boy Meats Girl from the Super Meat Boy soundtrack. It’s only the intro, it’s mainly just to see how well my pedal could do the effect that’s on the original song.

Anonymous asked: loooookin' fittt in ur turtle vid xx

looooool. Thank you, but I didn’t even post it on Tumblr so it’s a bit surprising to get a message here :P Link for anyone that didn’t see it

Anonymous asked: hurry up and grow your hair so you can look hawt like blake anderson!

I am never growing my hair that long, plus I don’t think I could pull it off. My curls just get tangy and horrid, his are stuff of legend and he probably has to visit a salon for them

Stumbles across Facebook of really pretty girl at work

Does absolutely nothing about it

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This sums up my feelings on Christmas pretty well

Richard Feynman explains the scientific method in one minute

"And this about a dick
Who never took the time to grow
And cum the second that he get in that vagina hole
And I ain’t lovin butting heads like this
But you gotta stop fucking up ma shit
And I ain’t feelin bad
And ion’t give a fuck aboutcha problems
But lay ‘em the table, maybe we can solve em
Cuz you and I, we attached at the hip
So we better get this settled up and fixed, right now dick"

— Lil Dicky - Attached at the hip