Oct 17

This applies to everyone that they hope it does

I just wanna say that even if we don’t talk anymore, or you think I hate you now days, or we just grew apart; I still think about you, I still remember our shared memories, and I miss you.

I recently went back to Kingston/Walton for a night and there was memories on every corner. If you were even remotely involved in my life for more than 2 weeks it’s likely that I think about how you’re doing, and think about wanting to get back in touch. But I don’t know what to say these days, and I don’t want to talk to you like a stranger and accept that’s what we have become.

Like I said, this applies to everyone that hopes it does, and it’s a lot of people (trust me).

Oct 10


Sep 18

ph3e said: SMITE Key, please? :3

Sorry ph3e, it went earlier. I didn’t update the list because I don’t send them out til about 1am GMT. Had an earlier message :/ See anything else you want?

Sep 17

benanen said: :D thanks very much!

Use it well! Will you build a civilisation that will stand the test of time?

caturface said: Oh well, I guess you didn't see my request for Just Cause 2 or something, um, if that is the case could I get CIV III?

I’m really sorry but it went last night. I’ll be here for another few hours so check my original post and see if anything is left that you would like

whopwho said: Hey, can i have Sid Meier civ please?

Really sorry but it went last night

banominom said: Hello! Is legend of grimrock still available?

Hey, sorry that one went last night :(

Sep 16

putsomemagicinmyscience said: Thank you so much :)

No problem. But I don’t think I gave you anything? I don’t can’t find a message where you asked for anything. Anyway look at the list if you want anything ill send them tomorrow

shadywhiteboy said: can i have legend of grimrock please?~~

Yeah, I’m going to bed now but if you send me another message I’ll hit you up with a code about 1am gmt (17/9)

bearoar said: awww i see >< thank you so much anyway! my friend will be happy with this ^^

Have fun, let me know if you want anything else!

theverymehblog said: Thanks a ton

No problem, have a great time!

caturface said: Um, could I have Just Cause 2?

I’m really sorry but it’s already gone, was a popular one, like the look of anything else? I’m just about to update the list

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Sep 07


Jul 27

Sitting alone in my room eating noodles, watching a Bugs Life and generally feeling sorry for myself.

This is what Tumblr is for, right?