It’s in your medicine, your toothpaste, your food, even your water supply, and it’s more poisonous than lead.

It weakens your teeth, your bones, your organs, your mental capacity, and increases the chances of bone disease and cancer.

Officially Fluoride helps to preserve your teeth and bones, and so it’s pumped into our water supply. Even though there is no evidence to support that fluoride can reduce cavities or increase dental health, it’s still in toothpaste. 

Essentially every anti-depressant on the market contains large amounts of fluoride that seriously affect the way your brain works, and the chemicals it creates to keep you happy and healthy.

Fluoride has been scientifically proven numerous times to be detrimental to the human body, and yet our government still approve it to be added to virtually anything they know we’ll consume.

Be aware, stay safe, and think for yourself.