An open letter to the fangirls of Tumblr

I keep seeing all these posts across the internet; all the same.

"I’ll fall for a guy who does X"

"I love guys that do X, marry me!!"

"X celebrity has this single talent, sexiest human on Earth"

"It’s not fair! Why cant i find a perfect guy like Celebrity X"

You are the sole reason of your own loneliness and low self confidence. If you keep judging and grading people based on their physical appearance, ability to perform a single rudimentary task that millions of other people have perfected,  and by how much money they have, then you’re going to die alone and unhappy. I see countless posts moaning and whining they want a man to do something for them, how about do it yourself and be grateful for what you’ve already got. It’s like it would be such a special privilege for us to spend weeks trying to make your stuckup ass like us, and that we would all just love to change our movie, music and eating tastes to fit yours. 

Seriously i see so many posts that bitch about their boyfriends not liking Twilight, or thinking they listen to shitty music, or that they don’t understand certain girly things.. Has it ever actually occurred to you that MALES and FEMALES and distinctly different, both physically and mentally? We think that One Direction is fucking awful, Glee is a collection of poorly written teenage bullshit, and that 99% of your favorite actors look like massive pricks. But that’s fine! Most girls tend to hate girls we find hot, hate most video games (Dont even get me started on those ridiculously false ‘gamer girls’ that claim Animal fucking Crossing is hardcore gaming), and shitty B movies. And that’s fine!

Start accepting differences between people instead of looking for that perfect man that doesn’t exist. The reason that characters in movies and shows always seem so perfect is because the writers have had years to make sure every fine detail is set. In a movie you only see the scenes that they want you to see, the actor says lines that other people wrote for them, when they’re told, whilst wearing and doing exactly what they’re told.

This isn’t a personal attack on anyone in specific, it’s directed at the 100,000 blogs that repost the whiny posts about someone not completing a 100 task checklist in order to earn the chance to speak with a 13 year old girl that spends her time writing fanfiction for America’s Next Top Model on DeviantArt.

Obviously messaging me in great detail about how I’m wrong is going to make me care so much, so go ahead and do that and we’ll see how many fucks I can not give in an hour.