The top ten conspiracy theories from 2011 (That turned out to be true)

  1. Obama admits U.S. government used Guatemalan prisoners for illegal medical experiments (Ref.)
  2. FDA caught using KGB-style infiltration and spying techniques to entrap raw milk distribution hub (Ref.)
  3. Institute of Medicine’s links with military industrial complex exposed (Ref.)
  4.  Weather control technology confirmed and functional near Abu Dhabi (Ref.)
  5. USDA caught running animal mass murder programs to kill birds and mammals (Ref.)
  6. Info releases hidden camera water fluoridation video (Ref.)
  7. Documents prove Dr. Wakefield was innocent, BMJ conspired to discredit him (Ref.)
  8. USDA conspires with Monsanto to de-regulate GE alfalfa (Ref.)
  9.  FDA admits factory-produced chicken meat contains arsenic (Ref.)
  10.  Merck vaccine scientist Dr. Maurice Hilleman admits vaccines contain cancer-causing viruses (Ref.)